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1960                  Keshet Quarterly, poems

1963                  “Choc et Equilibre”, First French poems book, 

1963                  Keshet Quarterly, first edition of poems

1970                  Keshet Quarterly, poems

1975                  Ariel Quarterly, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, poems

1979-2010        Moznaiim, 14 Editions, Poems, short stories, exhibition

                           reviews and covers

1981                  Realities d’Israel, “Le Rythme vital de Bettine Amir”

1992                  Pseifas, Cover, featured paintings & poems

1996                  Sihot-Dialogue, Israel Journal of Psychotherapy 

                          Featured painting on the cover

2000                  Israeli Artists, painters & Sculptors Catalogue, “Lilit”

2006                  Keshet Quarterly, poems

2006                 “Tout Ce Que J’ai ("Kol Asher Li" 2nd  poems book

                          drawings by Kadishman)

2008                  Keshet Quarterly, poems

2009                  Helicon Quarterly, Scenes from Relationship, poems

2010                  Shvo Poetry periodical, Volume 21, poem & short story

2002-2012        Continuum, Volumes 1-7, French Literature Review of

                           Israeli Writers, poems and short stories

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